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Geek for geek, DragonCon gets kinky
With sci-fi and fantasy convention DragonCon just days away, attendees are taking to Craigslist to see if they can’t use the weekend to live out some of their more personal fantasies.
Unleash an army of online sleuths
Want to know how much identity trash you're leaving behind on Reddit? Raise your own voluntary army of stalkers.
No more nonsense in Reddit interviews
Reddit gets tough with new rules for its popular question and answer section, r/IAmA. 
It’s a dog’s day
Animal rights activist declares Aug. 25 "National Dog Day."
Live interviews not dead on Reddit
Reddit almost lost its popular interview section—but the community came to the rescue.
Ban on r/jailbait goes international
Interest in Reddit's recent ban on r/jailbait has spread internationally. Kinda.
Welcome to the Daily Dot
What's the hometown newspaper of the World Wide Web all about? You.
Who’s following you?
That new follower you have on Twitter might not be all that he (or she) is cracked up to be.
How to can Twitter spam
Here are some tips on ending unwanted tweets.
Why Reddit needs just enough anarchy
The ironic power struggles of Reddit's anarchists could teach us all something about how to handle conflict online.
Editors of The Redditor talk about their story
The creators of a new downloadable magazine, The Redditor, talk about why they put it together.
Kittywood Studios plays on cat obsessions
Kittywood Studios shows you where cat videos really come from. 
Best. Roommate. Ever.
Eff the rest: He's the best roommate you'll ever have.
Why Dramatic Chihuahua shouldn’t worry anyone
We love to watch cute animals. And it's okay.
Who’s calling from 111-111-1111? No one
New York Times will stop using 111-111-1111 as its caller ID number on Monday.
Google defends anonymity rules
Anti-pseudonyms policy on Google+ has some social users up in arms, others offer tepid support.
Smile: You’re in an ad (like it or not)
LinkedIn didn't tell you you might be featured in an ad. Users have figured it out and they're not happy.
Facebook privacy rumors spread
A rumor about changes to Facebook privacy settings is racing around the social network.