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Playwright behind ‘Florida Man’ excuses his props in hilarious letter to the TSA
Just some PVC pipes, a sniper suit, and a sex machine. Nothing to see here.
A human trafficking internet hoax is being spread on TikTok
'This is really important and we should spread the word immediately.'
TikTok parent company announces a smartphone is in the works
No, it's not a phone just for uploading TikTok videos.
Irish Twitter crowdfunded an auction bid on a haunted Victorian dildo—and won
The dildo is believed to have been a loving gift from a husband to his wife.
‘Once Upon a Time’ divides audiences on its historical context
Is the film confusing if you don't know about the Tate murders?
#LostTrumpHistory trends after Trump’s 9/11 claims
The hashtag inserted Trump into a number of moments in history.
Robot Trump head spits out an ibuprofen every time the president tweets 
Ibuprofen-spitting Trump must be working overtime.
The ‘My Husband, He Bought It’ TikTok meme is here to roast spoiled housewives
And we wonder if he doesn't have a case of buyer's remorse...
Ariana Grande apologizes for suggesting JonBenét Ramsey as a Halloween costume
The 6-year-old beauty pageant queen was murdered in 1996.
People are talking about their favorite ways to insult someone politely
The Twitter hashtag is all about plausible deniability shade.
Twitter account asks, ‘Has Jeff Bezos Decided To End World Hunger?’
He could still be the richest person in the world...
Instagram model Carissa Pinkston lies about being trans, says she ‘panicked’
'It’s just sick to me because she’s equating transness to attention-seeking and clout.'
Dilbert creator plugs his app in wake of Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting
Why did he plug his app after a mass shooting?
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