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Twitter bans cricket club for posting ISIS content in apparent hack
'Why would anyone hack a cricket club's Twitter that has no followers?'
This dad remade his daughter’s NSFW photo—and people are loving it
This takes 'dad jokes' to a whole new level.
People are crushed that this teen love story might be a TikTok ‘joke’
'And now seven months later... we're gay!'
Trump’s impeachment notes get riffed into punk songs
Trump's incoherent ramblings have become music to Twitter's ears.
How a woman’s cold ‘rejection form’ text message became an ’emotional labor’ meme
'If I got this text from a friend I would literally never speak to them again...'
Man refuses to eat a meat-free meal prepared by his vegan wife
You have to wonder how they even got together...
50 Cent makes Instagram return with transphobic meme
He aimed the meme at rapper Young Buck.
J.J. Watt posted his phone number online, wants fans to text him
Hours after posting the number to social media, Watt said he’d received more than 25,000 messages.
How Julia Roberts playing Harriet Tubman became a meme
Paging Scarlett Johansson...
Woman banned from Instagram for sharing d*ck pic she didn’t ask for (updated)
The woman says she exposed him to hold him accountable.
People risking concussions for new TikTok challenge
TikTok has entered the 'Do it for the Vine' stage.
Why does Pete Buttigieg always tweet ‘buh’?
Breaking down the mayor's favorite reply.
Is that Rosa Parks in random Twitter user’s baby photo?
'Wth.. am I trippin? or is that Rosa Parks?'
People are rallying against toxic masculinity on International Men’s Day
The day actually highlights some important issues.
Redditor asks former burglars to give home security tips
In this case, being messy can actually come in handy!
John Krasinski under fire after praising the CIA
'The CIA is something that we should all not only cherish but be saying thank you for every single day.'
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