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‘Imma head out’ is the latest SpongeBob reaction meme
'Money 20 minutes after entering my bank account on payday...'
This new Twitter meme pokes fun at Hollywood’s most overused tropes 
'Hi I’m a woman in a movie. I have perfect hair and make up even when I’m in a perilous situation.'
YouTube star Brooke Houts will not be charged with animal abuse
Houts accidentally uploaded footage of herself slapping and yelling at her dog.
Did Rick Ross unfollow his daughter on Instagram over pregnancy?
Ross' daughter took to Instagram to deny the rumors.
Everyone is responding to an armed robber in this Twitter meme
Continue hiding under the bed....or respond?
‘The Minecraft Bee is trans’ meme is here to stay
A tweet launched a meme about the Minecraft bee, and there's no turning back now.
Move over, Hot Girl Summer—it’s time for ‘Thotumn’ now
Thotumn or Witch Bitch Autumn, which will you choose?
‘Get Ready for Brexit’ campaign spawns memes, despair
People are scared and angry. So... memes.
This new Twitter meme proves which actors really have range
'Lena Headey could do 99% of roles but 99% of actors couldn’t do Cersei Lannister.'
Can Bernie Sanders’ supporters meme his way to the top?
Bernie is back, and so are the memes.
What you need to know about ZAO–the new, viral Chinese deepfake app 
The app can place anyone inside their favorite TV show, movie, or meme based on just a single selfie.
Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski sued for Fyre Festival promotion
The models were among a slew of celebrities named in the lawsuit.
What does ‘smurfing’ mean?
Everything you need to know about the gaming term.
Glasses act as a shock collar for students who don’t pay attention 
The glasses have understandably been met with backlash.
Here’s what ‘Sksksk’ means
The phrase has seen several online evolutions–from Black and LGBTQ Twitter to VSCO girl and Stan Twitter.
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