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My Chemical Romance may have predicted Chilean uprising back in 2011
'Hola Chile! Te amamos! Stay safe in 2019,' the band tweeted in 2011.
Twitter users are remixing ‘Eleanor Rigby’ for new meme
The meme remixes three original verses from the 1966 song.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets roasted for soliciting unpaid creative labor on Twitter—again
People are fed up with the actor's HitRECord site relying on collaboration and exposure instead of fair compensation.
Keanu Reeves is trending for dating a woman close to his own age
The actor, 55, made his relationship with Alexandra Grant, 46, public over the weekend.
Instagram is contributing to a rise in yoga-related injuries, experts say
More inexperienced users are trying hard poses for the 'Gram.
Man surrounded by flip-flops becomes a meme
'What happens when you all buy similar pairs of slippers.'
Kidz Bop Karen goes off, inspires meme
'They can't hear me because they're listening to Kidz Bop.'
The Lisa Ann ‘this is a bathtub’ meme has new life—on TikTok
The beloved meme is now a viral challenge.
Mariah Carey rings in the ca-ching of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ season
'All I Want For Christmas Is You' Eve comes earlier every year.
This ‘majors be like’ meme mocks stereotypical college undergrads
'Archaeology majors be like I have a dinosaur due on Monday.'
There’s now a handy test that allows you to do a ‘vibe check’
Are you a baby clown or a feral gremlin?
Tumblr users mount a passionate defense of Comic Sans
Though it is often mocked, there are writers who love Comic Sans for its odd readability.
Tinder match takes to Twitter to tout tortellini technique
The path to Twitter's heart is through its stomach.
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