HBO’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ returns from a 2-year break with brand new ways to make you cringe
Larry's cheating with his ex-wife, accidentally involved in sexual harassment, feuding with a coffee shop, and creating enemies with a MAGA hat. What could go wrong?

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Puerto Ricans respond to 6.4 magnitude earthquake with savage, self-effacing memes
As the island lost power, users tweeted through the natural disaster with gallows humor.
The Beyhive defends Beyoncé for sitting during Joaquin Phoenix’s speech
'The queen don't stand for nobody but the queen.'
Lizzo is taking a break from Twitter because of ‘too many trolls’
Even her announcement prompted trolls to comment with celebratory tweets. 
Terry Crews fan subreddit implodes after actor’s pro-China post
It has approximately 160,000 subscribers yet feels all but abandoned.
‘Netflix Film’ parody account shut down within 24 hours
The account went viral for having a better 2020 movie slate than the real Netflix.
Twitch streamer faces backlash for ‘letting’ partner hit, drag dog during stream
'I believe you should have intervened more physically.'
TikTok guy who cooks pasta aggressively called out for racist videos
'Should’ve just made his pasta and left.'
Far-right trolls creating fake accounts, posing as Jewish users
'These fake accounts are on a mission to do some serious damage between Black and Jewish communities.'
Former ‘Dance Moms’ stars recreate iconic fight scene on TikTok
The girls embodied their mothers and Abby Lee Miller for the video.
People are defending a redditor who canceled Christmas with her toxic family
The family said she doesn't 'contribute' because she doesn't have kids.
This ‘Project Runway’ contestant called out Karlie Kloss’ relationship to the Kushners
'She honestly doesn’t get enough smoke for being married to a Kushner.'
‘You’ inspires new stalker confessions TikTok meme
'You' is inspiring a generation.
The TikTok Hype House is now a thing—here’s what you need to know
The TikTok Hype House is the new playground for young stars.