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The latest terrifying deepfake combines Donald Trump and Mr. Bean
The resurgence of deepfakes comes amid government fears of video manipulation by foreign adversaries.
Republican Devin Nunes used a 4chan meme to mock journalists
A harassment campaign from 4chan has found its way to prominent Republicans.
Rocky Lockridge, boxer behind the ‘Best Cry Ever’ meme, dead at 60
Fans are expressing a wave of support online.
‘How would a baguette move?’ is the internet’s latest big debate
If a baguette could move, the world would be a more interesting place.
Facebook kills LOL meme project before embarrassing itself
Facebook is foundering with youths.
This Twitter account will change the way you see Pornhub
Who said porn has to make sense?
Sunny D’s depression tweet is what happens when brands try too hard to relate
Our childhood snacks talking to each other on Twitter is cute, but using depression as a marketing tool is not.