Twitter users miss the kids who walked in on their dad’s interview
The professor was interviewed again. Sadly, this time without his kids.

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Reddit users share stories of the worst things guests have done in their homes
Steal a birthday cake baked for someone else? Yeah, you probably won't get invited back.
Ben Affleck explains why he lied about his back tattoo
'I resented that somebody got a picture of it by spying on me.'
Is the Lovers and Friends festival a Fyre fiasco waiting to happen?
Artists were surprised to learn they were performing.
Justin Bieber does ‘Yummy’ TikTok dance and talks about ‘mind control’ on ‘Carpool Karaoke’
Justin Bieber still really seems like he wants to fight Tom Cruise.
Cooking Mama’s return whips up a fresh batch of memes
A trailer for Cooking Mama: Cookstar leaked Tuesday.
Royal Family’s website accidentally links to porn instead of charity
The Chinese adult site advertises everything, from 'rape incest porn' to 'live sex shows.'
We have a lot of questions about this woman’s Hot Cheetos bath
Well, she answered at least one of them.
Everyone is doing the Renegade. Including the teen who started it
The dance has been viral for months, but the teen is just now getting recognition.
Mask that has your face printed on it allows you to unlock your phone during viral epidemics
'Between fires and epidemics, masks are now part of our everyday lives.'
Justin Bieber slid into the DMs of someone who hated his new album
Her boyfriend had the best response.
This MAGA-loving Keanu Reeves imposter isn’t fooling anyone
A photo of a Keanu lookalike next to a Confederate flag-touting Trump supporter is turning heads.
TikTok teen’s reaction to discovering boyfriend’s cheating goes viral
'I want people to understand what cheating can do to someone mentally.'
This may be the creepiest Amazon review you’ll ever read
'Someone has been watching and listening and possibly even talking to our baby.'