How a socialist Twitch streamer landed in a feud with Dan Crenshaw
'I’d rather be uncivil and advocate to end wars than be civil and justify more of them.'

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Person dubbed ‘TV Head’ filmed dropping old TVs on porches
Don’t look a gift TV Head in the mouth.
Gen Zers are apparently putting Bitmojis on their Instagram-esque résumés
One employer received a résumé with a sweating Bitmoji on it to show that the applicant was willing to hustle.
People are shook by Simon Cowell’s new face
Is it the vegan diet, or is Simon Cowell a robot now?
Who knew Idris Elba choking on a hot wing could be so relatable?
This is the only reaction meme that matters.
Woman in kombucha reaction meme on going viral: ‘It’s blowing my mind’
You know what? She's still not sure about kombucha.
Comedian’s cancer almost went undiagnosed because of a doctor’s weight bias
'A doctor told me to 'lose weight' & it would go away.'
Teen claims to send tweets from smart fridge after getting grounded
How many internet-connected devices does her family own??
People are obsessed with this ‘fish tube’–and the memes are sliding in
'Launch me through the fish tube so I can feel something.'
Ohio teen who posted praise for mass shootings online arrested with 10,000 rounds of ammunition
The 18-year-old posted content in support of mass shootings and attacks on abortion clinics on meme-sharing website iFunny.
Bill Hader becomes a convincing Tom Cruise in this viral deepfake
The Hollywood actor transforms into Seth Rogan as well.
‘The OA’ fans are doing the ‘movements’ to bring the show back to life
'The OA' Five Movements movement is here. But is it really here?
Liberals love this cartoon about ‘the future the Left wants’
It shows abortion clinics and 'pot-mart' so, who's complaining?
People keep stealing Old Town Road signs in this Massachusetts town
The Little Nas X hit has inspired a spate of sign thefts and local officials are tired footing the bill.