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Twitter is obsessed with this demon version of Beto O’Rourke
'Down in Texas when we say 'way down south,' we mean in hell.'
‘Tough Guy Entrance’ meme criticized by victims advocacy group
The meme has been called an 'unheard-of reversal of our values.'
‘Meet Joe Black,’ long-forgotten Brad Pitt drama, gets 2019 renaissance
It only took 21 years for everyone to appreciate this film.
Alyssa Limperis does the best Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez impression
The comedian's AOC and mom impressions come from the same place.
Sekiro cheating story inspires ‘you cheated not only the game’ meme
'You cheated not only the game, but yourself.'
Jackée Harry tweeted about getting slapped by Eartha Kitt, and people are dying to know more
Wait... you're telling me Catwoman slapped Sandra from 227??
The ‘Consent Condom’ is just another gimmick trivializing sexual consent
There's a lot more to consent than slipping on a rubber.
The ‘Old Town Road’ memes will ride ’til they can’t no more
From TikTok to meme to Billboard hit, the 'Old Town Road' cycle has been quite a ride.
Erotica author Chuck Tingle wrote a book based on Ant-Man crawling into Thanos’ butt
'He could probably find some new ways to prove love inside a butt.'
The calculator meme is here to add up your hot takes
Whatever happened to just typing in 80085?
Fans divided over alien comic creator’s response to anti-abortion views
Some fans say it's that age-old 'artist vs. art' argument.
People have thoughts about this sperm extraction machine for anxious donors
'Automatic sperm extractor is my new tinder bio.'