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‘Mindhunter’ season 2 brings out the memes
More like hunting for more episodes of this series!
The Daily Wire accused of stealing art design from pop artist for its merchandise
'Real lame move of the Daily Wire to rip me off.'
This Four Loko hard seltzer is basically a meme in a can
We hope you've made out your last will and testament!
Amazon’s plan to have warehouse workers defend it backfired beautifully (updated)
Twitter users are making memes out of the dystopian 'Amazon FC Ambassador' Twitter accounts, one of the strangest PR astroturfing campaigns in recent memory.
Pro-Hong Kong memes have crashed the Dota 2 International party
'Dota 2' International Twitch chats have been filled with anti-Chinese sentiment as pro-Hong Kong streamers protest the upcoming Shanghai event.
The popular ‘Cursed TikToks’ Twitter account permanently suspended (updated)
'I'm sorry I can't curate bad content for you anymore.'
Ted Bundy and Charles Manson stans are in a bizarre Twitter feud
Yes, unfortunately, the serial killers have stans.
Person dubbed ‘TV Head’ filmed dropping old TVs on porches
Don’t look a gift TV Head in the mouth.
Gen Zers are apparently putting Bitmojis on their Instagram-esque résumés
One employer received a résumé with a sweating Bitmoji on it to show that the applicant was willing to hustle.
People are shook by Simon Cowell’s new face
Is it the vegan diet, or is Simon Cowell a robot now?
Who knew Idris Elba choking on a hot wing could be so relatable?
This is the only reaction meme that matters.
Woman in kombucha reaction meme on going viral: ‘It’s blowing my mind’
You know what? She's still not sure about kombucha.