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Dave Hill suspended from Twitter for barraging Trump supporters with ‘your mom’ jokes
The suspension has given Hill a lot of time to think about your mom.
Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran’s outfits fuel debate on standards for women—and memes
How not to look standing next to Queen Bey 101.
No, these two men weren’t really having a silent fight with their middle fingers
The first rule of the internet: It's probably fake.
Samsung caught tweeting with an iPhone
On Twitter, a major brand blunder.
Avenatti’s declaration that he’s not running in 2020 is a meme now
After Avenatti said he's not running, a bunch of regular folks said the same thing.
New dating app for #MAGA singles is getting roasted
Righter is advertising with sexist memes—and Twitter is ripping them apart.
In 2018, people embraced being horny on Twitter
It's your public Twitter, and you'll be as thirsty as you want.
No one is excited about the return of bootcut jeans
'Did a bootcut jean tweet this?'
Meme meeting: Wide Neck guy meets Long Neck guy
Two guys famous for their odd-sized necks hung out IRL.
‘Friends’ is staying on Netflix following fan uproar
'Here's to a lousy Christmas. And a crappy new year!'
Trump did not have a good time at Argentina’s G20
His mind is clearly elsewhere.
A photo of Sully, George H.W. Bush’s service dog, is breaking everyone’s hearts
The picture is melting a lot of people's hearts.