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That viral clip of a theme park ride isn’t real
The fake footage is based on South Korea's 'Gyro Drop' ride.
Trump thinks Melania is the next Jackie O—and people can’t stand it
The *actual* similarities are maybe not something he should bring up.
Upset Drake has become the perfect meme for faking disappointment
When you know you didn't *really* want to go to that baby shower...
Jonathan Frakes has some questions for you in new meme
The 'Star Trek' actor is the subject of yet another meme.
Jessica Biel tries to clarify anti-vaxxer stance after getting lit up online
Biel allegedly abstained from vaccinating her infant son in 2015.
Would you pay $36 for a non-alcoholic spirit?
One company is betting big that you'll love a 'minosa'.
Uncomfortable Tim Allen interview brings up old allegations of racism
It was kicked off after Black Twitter found out Allen doesn't know how to play Spades.
Voter behind Biden finger photo says they were ‘shocked’ by candidate’s actions
A photo of Joe Biden is going viral again—but this meme isn't funny.
No, these viral ‘natural birth control’ alternatives don’t work
Eating papayas won't keep you from getting pregnant.
Baby meme king Gavin speaks Chinese now
'When did Gavin learn Chinese? How is he so fluent? Omg.'
‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ was delayed to 2020, and fans are losing it
Apparently, some people don't want to wait that long.
‘Same energy’ childhood pics prove nobody really changes
Everyone got in on this Twitter challenge.
Everyone is roasting Marvel’s new Avengers video game
'This must be a PlayStation 2 exclusive.'