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These online classes will teach you to be a better artist in quarantine

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Posted on May 6, 2020

Life since the pandemic has been … weird. Depending on living situation and work status, people are coping in all sorts of ways. One thing that’s been a pleasant side effect of sheltering-in-place is a creativity boon. From cooking to writing music, people are creating art whether they’ve always been right-brain inclined or not. If you’re more the pen-to-paper type, pass the time in quarantine by learning how to become a better artist with the help of this training.

The Complete Creative Art & Science of Drawing Bundle has a lot to offer, both literally and figuratively. It’s got 12 courses and a total of 340 lessons, equalling over 56 hours of easy-to-follow content on fundamental digital and traditional drawing skills. But what’s more important is it provides you with an outlet for distraction, to focus on, or whatever else feels right as your moods change with each passing day (or hour).

It covers the basics, including the science behind the art of drawing, and the not-so-basics, like advanced shading techniques, plus everything in between and then some. Classes are led by highly-rated instructors with a range of professional backgrounds that include work in comics, animation, illustration, design, photography, graphic design, painting, Realism and Hyperrealism, and anatomy in television, advertising, entrepreneurship, education, curation, digital, and more.

Go at your own pace through lessons on form, space, and the illusion of 3D; how to draw perspective between objects and environments; dynamic mark-making techniques; and the principles of pencil drawing, sketching, and shading.

Once you’ve mastered those, hone in on what interests you most. There are courses dedicated to both realistic human and animal figure drawing as well as a more whimsical take on things, thanks to the lectures on comic-book–style character drawing. And if you want to go high-tech, you’ll enjoy the two digital-focused classes: From Drawing to Pattern in Adobe Illustrator, where you’ll learn how to turn your sketchbook creations into Illustrator patterns, and Digital Painting, where you’ll gain the skills you need to illustrate fantasy art in Manga Studio 5.

Add the Complete Creative Art & Science of Drawing Bundle to your stay-at-home arsenal today for just $39.99, a savings of 96%.

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*First Published: May 6, 2020, 11:35 am CDT