Only a red-hot nickel ball can destroy an old Nokia phone

Technology has come a long, long way. Gone are the days when Snake was the most exciting game on our phones. Gone are the days when text messaging was both a novelty and an inconvenience. Now we have smartphones with tons of exciting apps! We can videochat while walking down the street—as long as we don’t drop our phones, because goddamn are they fragile.

Meanwhile, the caveman-era cellphones we now mock as hopelessly primitive remain virtually indestructible! If a flaming piece of nickel can’t instantly destroy an old Nokia phone, what can?

Next up, I’d like to see a video showing how easy it is to completely wreck an iPhone just by saying something mean to Siri.

Photo via carsandwater/YouTube 

Eve Peyser

Eve Peyser

Eve Peyser is a writer and comedian based in New York. She has published bylines in Esquire, the Washington Post, Gizmodo, and GQ, and she works as a staff politics and culture writer at Vice.