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‘Turn up’ is open to interpretation with this viral TikTok sound

The brands really want to turn up.


Audra Schroeder

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That One Sound is a column from internet culture reporter Charlotte Colombo that explores the origin of popular sounds heard on TikTok.

It’s been a horrific week, at the end of an absolutely grim May. This week’s sound is one that’s been circulating for nearly two months on TikTok but saw a surge at the beginning of this hellish month. And the brands all descended on it.

The sound

The audio is a woman saying, “OK. Well, that’s you. But on the other hand, me? Oh, I’m finna turn up.” It’s been used in more than 390,000 TikToks since early April.

Bhad Bhabie, the MLB, and Duolingo all used the sound. “Turn up” was subject to interpretation.


One thing I’m gonna for sure, is stay in the house… Chile, I can’t even tell you what the weather is, I wouldn’t know!🥴🤷🏽‍♀️

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Where’s it from?

On April 9, TikToker the_jaderoom, who has more than 48,000 followers, posted the sound. It was a response to a commenter stating “I would never and I live in la” to a previous TikTok she posted about taking a trip to L.A. to see rapper Lil Durk.

In the comments, several people claim the sound isn’t hers; the top comment says, “Your voice definitely doesn’t match you face but i love it bae.” She confirmed to the Daily Dot that it’s her sound. Multiple comments also suggested it had “potential” as a sound.

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It got popular again in early May, and the_jaderoom responded to someone asking her to pin the sound by directing people to her hair videos instead. “It was literally a response to somebody,” she says in the video.

Sound off

In the comments, what appears to be the official Little Caesar’s account asks if it can use the sound. The_jaderoom responds, “ahaha no.” The official Sour Patch Kids account and Trident gum account both did got an OK, but neither appears to have tagged or credited her.

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