Regular bro gets sexy Instagram model to help him date online

Thor helps normal bro with sexy photoshoot

All our dating profiles could use a little consulting.

We all know that online dating is hard. Including the wrong profile picture or favorite movie can leave us single forever. Like everyone, Zach Kornfield has been struggling to find dates—he’s officially declared himself “single as fuck.”

Chatting with OKCupid founder, Christian Rudder, he was informed that 92 percent of what people take away from profiles is the photos. In other words, no matter how quirky and zany Zach’s bio is, no one cares unless he looks hot.

This inspired him to have a photoshoot, with creative direction from model and sexy man-bun wearer, Brock O’Hurn.

When it’s so windy you have to hold your hair just to see.. 👀 haha 15 days until the next adventure!

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The man looks like Thor, and helped Kornfield recreate sexy poses for his dating profile. On this journey of self-discovery, O’Hurn taught Kornfield that the key to sexiness is confidence.

Watch the two men snap sexy Instagram pics while proving that the greatest companionship of all is friendship.

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Ziwe Fumudoh

Ziwe Fumudoh

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