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Nick Cannon thought he could turn a Knicks game into a publicity stunt for ‘America’s Got Talent’



Mike Fenn

Internet Culture

America may have talent, but it certainly doesn’t have the patience for publicity stunts.

The producers of the competition program America’s Got Talent decided to recruit fans attending an April 2 Knicks game at Madison Square Garden for a promotional spot without telling them beforehand. Nick Cannon, one of the program’s judges, appeared on the court to film the segment—and was met with a chorus of unrelenting boos from the spectators that had filled the arena.

“Welcome to America’s Got Talent!” he screamed enthusiastically into the camera.

“BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” the crowd responded in wonderful, anarchic unison.

Apparently, Cannon was to perform a near-impossible trick shot, which would later be edited into a successful maneuver. During the entire sequence, the boos only escalated in intensity. After all, these fans paid an exorbitant amount of money to see a basketball game, not a glossy television advertisement!

Andy S’ video, which purports to be the “only footage online” showing the behind-the-scenes action of this stunt, already has over 156,000 hits on YouTube. Viewers seem to be in agreement that the stunt was cheap and that the New Yorkers filling the arena should be commended for responding to the antics with their legendary attitude.

Let’s hope America’s Got Talent producers don’t try to film a similar promotion at a Yankees game.

Screengrab via Andy S / YouTube

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