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Newspaper forced to make whale-sized correction after making big mistake

Mistakes happen, and this one was great.


David Covucci

Internet Culture

Whales are the largest animals on Earth. The blue whale can grow up to 100 feet long. 

That’s a big-ass mammal, the biggest to ever exist, in fact. 

But at that length, it still falls woefully short of being two miles long. 

Which is why some eyebrows were raised when the Daily Press in Hampton Roads, Va. sent this tweet. 



That is a two-mile long whale!

Unfortunately, it is also an inaccurate tweet. 

As accuracy in news reporting is paramount in the Trump era, the paper was quick to offer an earnest retraction. 

That’s wonderful. I wish all news errors could be this funny. 

Well, minus the whole dead whale part, you know. 

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