Nerd vandals deliver the week’s best Vine

It took men declaring dress codes sexist for people to finally listen
When boys complain about having to wear pants, it goes viral. When women complain about being shamed, silence.

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Bowties are the new bandanas. 

Vine is the best thing to happen to online comedy in 2013, forcing creators to tell a whole story—from setup to punchline—in just six seconds. 

And, ladies and gentlemen, Jack and Jack have mastered the art. The Vine duo’s strongest video yet, “Eric and Winston: The Nerd Vandals,” lit up Facebook this week to the tune of 500,000 likes.

If you spend six seconds watching a video this weekend, make it this one: 

Screengrab via Jack and Jack/Vine

Believe it or not, the craziest vine of the year wasn’t staged
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