nba stream coaster tycoon

Screengrab via @mhw_ii/Twitter

Reviewers agree: This stream is lit.

Hundreds of people who turned to the Internet for a live feed of Sunday night’s NBA finals game got an excellent and unexpected bonus: Roller Coaster Tycoon

It looks like the guy providing a free, dubiously legal Ustream of the Warriors-Cavs game was a little bored during the breaks, so he decided to put on some hip-hop and build virtual roller coasters. Truly heroic to give his viewers an alternative to watching the commercials. 

Reviewers agree: The stream was lit, fam. 

And, judging from Twitter search results, the same streamer has been doing this for months, building up quite a following in the process.Considering how horribly things went for the Cavaliers on Sunday, he’s definitely providing a public service to Cleveland fans. Roller Coaster Tycoon Guy played the amiable funeral director, helping them cope with the reality that their playoff hopes have passed on into the next world.  

At least the roller coasters will always be there when you need a way to take out your frustrations. You can pretend every little guy trapped on your coaster of death is Steph Curry. It’s not a trophy, but it’s something. 

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