Couple turns on their porch light, and gets a carnivorous surprise

Mountain lion eyes

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Deer snacking on your rosebushes might be an annoyance, but a mountain lion on your property is terrifying. When the two meet each other on a suburban house porch, the results are predictable. 

And they’re everything nightmares are made of.

Watch below as two eyes can be seen in the darkness, like some kind of cliché out of a 1950s Warner Bros. cartoon, and then, when the lights snap on, the nightmare begins. Unless you’re the deer. Then, it’s all over, anyway.

According to the Washington Post, the residents of the house, Mary Mines and Peter Rauenbuehler—who live near San Francisco—said they heard loud noises about 4am on Wednesday. They heard a crack (which might have been the cougar breaking the deer’s neck), and though they originally thought the noise might have been created by local coyotes, a quick switch of the light confirmed the animal was much more lethal.

“Mary turned on the light,” Rauenbuehler said, “and lo and behold, there was a big cat.”

Apparently, the mountain lion schlepped the deer to a neighbor’s home and left it after only taking a few chomps out of it. What’s the only thing scarier than a hungry mountain lion eating a deer in plain sight? A mountain lion that wastes its food and leaves you to clean up the mess.

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Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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