Mother’s Day video shows what’s wrong with social media on the holiday

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‘This Mother’s Day, do something special *about* your mom.’

There’s simply no way to dodge Mother’s Day on social media.

You open up Facebook and people are writing several-paragraph-long statuses that border on epic, Instagram is full of selfies and throwbacks to your friends’ mommies, and Snapchat shows your besties’ mamas clowning around with silly filters.

Don’t get me wrong. Celebrating moms is damn important. She either squeezed you out, was cut open to let you live, or maybe she dealt with all the bureaucracy of adopting a kid. Whatever way she’s your mother, moms are rad.

This Mother’s Day video from Cracked points out that sometimes the holiday just seems like a convenient way for people to put up some mom content and get some points from their followers. Don’t bother me, mom, I’m too busy creating maternal-share crafted material! 

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So, don’t just celebrate moms on Mother’s Day. Make everyday Mother’s Day online. Trust me, your social media friends won’t mind.

Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado

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