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The ‘Monsters, Inc.’ version of Goofy is pure nightmare fuel

'Kingdom Hearts III' is looking pretty weird already.


Jay Hathaway

Internet Culture

Published Feb 13, 2018   Updated May 22, 2021, 1:09 am CDT

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the long-awaited new addition to a game series that combines Japanese role-playing game tropes and some of the most recognizable Disney characters. “Recognizable” is a stretch for one of the characters revealed this week, though: a green, nightmarish Monsters Inc. version of Goofy.

monsters inc goofy kingdom hearts 3
Square Enix, Disney

Gawrsh, Goofy. What have they done to you?! Kingdom Hearts was always pretty wild, as far as official Disney intellectual property goes. It’s a crossover between various Disney and Pixar movies and the game worlds of Final Fantasy developer Square Enix. But this new Goofy is even wilder. It seems that in the third game, main characters Goofy, Donald Duck, and Sora will be entering the world of Pixar’s Monsters Inc, and they’ll have monster forms themselves.

Sora and Donald look kind of cute, fitting in with Monsters, Inc. stars Sully and Mike, but Goofy… Goofy is an abomination not fit for this world or any other. His freaky design hasn’t escaped the notice of fans on social media:

Some have noted a disturbing resemblance between Monsters, Inc. Goofy and notorious Star Wars Sith lord Jar Jar Binks.

But that’s not the most disturbing thing about Monster Goofy. The most disturbing thing is that people want to have sex with him. Ah, the internet: where there’s someone (or something) for everyone.

We’re not going to show it to you, but you can sleep worse tonight knowing that the Monster Goofy porn exists and that the internet continues to work as expected.

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*First Published: Feb 13, 2018, 6:50 am CST