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Mojo The Monkey/YouTube

Move over dancers. This baby monkey named Mojo is the new TikTok star

Follow him on TikTok. It’s so easy ‘a monkey could do it.’


Brooke Sjoberg

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A couple on TikTok started raising a baby monkey while much of the world is enduring social isolation or quarantine. The account, @MojoTheMonkey, shows nearly every aspect of raising a monkey since the first post on April 8.

It’s unclear what kind of monkey Mojo is besides being a cute one. He’s climbed in popularity on the platform, drawing over 5.9 million likes in the month since his account was created.

His owners have also created a YouTube channel and an Instagram account to share his growth and cute moments. While the TikTok account offers quick views into Mojo’s day, longer videos on YouTube show a happy baby monkey learning and playing with his owners. Mojo’s owners identified as Carlos and Lauren, ask their viewers to like and subscribe, saying it’s so easy, “a monkey could do it.”

While these videos are adorable, they’re also informational as they show viewers what kinds of supplies are needed to safely raise a baby monkey.

In the video titled “Baby Monkey Essential Items,” one of Mojo’s owners goes through what she considers to be must-haves for raising a baby monkey. These include baby formula, diapers, baby shampoo, and many other items one might purchase for a human baby, as well as some pet-specific items like a cage and toys.

While there is near-constant documentation of Mojo’s daily routine, there is a noticeable lack of information concerning where Mojo is from and how he came to live with his owners. Subscribers and followers have picked up on this, asking for his backstory.

“PLEASE DON’T SKIP OVER THIS COMMENT,” YouTube commenter Terry Morriss wrote in response to a video of Mojo going to Petsmart. “I AM absolutely infatuated with these little babes. I would love to watch a video about how and when you got this gorgeous little guy, kinda like an origins/journey tale. It is so important for there to be an origins tale on your channel. Your vids are excellent, you two are really likeable, but I feel like I could connect and grow with you all if you let me in. “

The Daily Dot reached out to Mojo’s owners and will update the story when we hear back.


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