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Dad captures the hilarious moment before he destroys his son at Uno

No mercy.


Mike Collins

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Former Detroit Tigers pitcher C.J. Nitkowski threw a pretty mean curve to his own son in a game of Uno. Better known for his sports anchor career rather than his prowess on the mound, Nitkowski posted this bit of household color commentary to his Twitter account:

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So much for an innocent game. Nitkowski holds an almost unbeatable hand full of wild card +4s and skips, an Uno no-hitter for sure. His son looks at him with an innocent grin, almost smug, seconds before complete annihilation.

With this inevitable Uno strikeout, the kid will learn the harsh truth: that even your father will cut you down to scream “UNO” and lay down that final card of victory. One is the loneliest number.  

H/T Someecards | Photo via @CJNitkowski/Twitter

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