Photoshop midterm meme illustrates American political agendas

Kelly Minars/Flickr


As the midterm elections wind down, the internet is abuzz with political commentary. One Twitter user decided to “have some fun” with a blank CNN graphic to break the tension—and a Photoshop meme was born.

You give the internet a blank screen, and people will digitally alter lots of stuff onto it.

Jordan Uhl, a video distribution manager at Move On, tweeted an invitation for people to use the images as memes. The responses did not disappoint.

Some responses were painfully accurate, riffing on Star Wars, guns, and awkward Thanksgiving family dinners.

As the final ballots are cast in the biggest midterm election in recent American history, we’ll soon find out which agenda will win—but it probably won’t involve The West Wing.

Alexis Tatum

Alexis Tatum

Alexis Tatum studies journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. She's an editorial intern with the Daily Dot. Her work has appeared in Orange magazine and the Daily Texan.