HBO Max Customer explains that it has the worst human test log in

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‘Studying for the HBO Max test’: TikTok user tries to sign in to Max—and is faced with ridiculously difficult puzzles

It went from counting partially-covered dice to an audio quiz.


Olivia Hebert

Internet Culture

Warner Bros. Discovery just launched a new streaming platform, Max, the bigger and better version of the bug-riddled HBO Max. But with any new app, there are bound to be some kinks that definitely need to be worked out.

TikTok user @gavinj1998 shed light on Max’s hilariously security test, the kind that makes sure
that you’re a human rather than a robot. In the video, Gavin shows how, in order to log in, Max has users solve puzzles. But as it turns out, the puzzles are incredibly difficult.

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The first puzzle is one that asks the user to match up a given number with the number displayed on a group of dice. As Gavin tries to find a picture with the correct amount of dice, he illustrates how hard it is to even see the numbers on the pictures and how none of the pictures actually match up to the number.

He then moves on to show the audio challenge, which asks the user to ascribe a number to a
pattern they recognize in the audio. The audio includes different soundbites like someone
playing the bagpipes or piano. Gavin repeatedly fails to answer the puzzle repeatedly, much to
the amusement of his friends.

One user commented, “Captcha is hard enough why would they design something like this 😭.” Another said, “Those are the most chaotic sounds they could have chosen.”

“Not HBO Max having users sit for the SAT exam to secure an account😂.”

Despite all the hoops he jumped through, when he finally solved the audio challenge, it turned out that Gavin did not even have an account. He dubbed it “the worst human test of all time.”

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