Matty Healy backstage with caption 'POV: you hear someone next to you talking shit about Taylor Swift and it turns out to be Matty Healy'


TikToker claims to have heard Matty Healy say that he is glad to get away from ‘stupid f*cking Swifties’

This viral TikTok shows footage of Matty Healy talking—but you can’t hear what he’s actually saying.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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SwiftTok is all over a video that supposedly shows Taylor Swift‘s controversial ex Matty Healy complaining about “stupid fucking Swifties.” The problem is, there’s no solid evidence he said this.

Posted by TikToker @sweetandloaf, this 16-second TikTok has already racked up 1.9 million views in the past day. It shows a side view of Healy talking to a young woman, but you can’t hear what he’s saying because the TikToker added music to the footage.

The caption reads, “Matty saying how he is glad to be out of LA and away from Taylor Swift and her “stupid fucking Swifties”.”

@sweetandloaf Matty saying how he is glad to be out of LA and away from Taylor Swift and her “stupid fucking Swifties” 👀#taylorswiftmattyhealy ♬ karma sped up – ✨️j &lt3 ✨️

When a commenter asked if he actually said that, @sweetandloaf replied, “YES. He was complaining about her and that’s the only reason why I looked up.” Replying to other questions, the TikToker explained this footage was filmed at Honolulu airport.

However, many commenters remained unconvinced because Healy’s voice is inaudible in the TikTok. A lot of the replies either call for lipreaders to interpret what Healy is saying, or express doubts that he complained about “fucking swifties” at all.

“There’s no audio because that’s probably not what happened,” quipped one.

In response, @sweetandloaf posted a second TikTok with the original audio and no music—but you still can’t really hear Healy’s voice. So while fans can choose to take @sweetandloaf’s story at face value (and it’s a plausible anecdote!), this TikTok doesn’t prove that Matty Healy is out there complaining about Taylor Swift and her fans.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @sweetandloaf via TikTok comment.

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