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Your marriage counselor is now a TikToker

With the rise of ‘workplace’ content, TikTok relationship therapists face daunting challenges in client confidentiality.


Henry Chandonnet

Internet Culture

Posted on Feb 14, 2023   Updated on May 31, 2023, 11:21 am CDT


This story was originally published on Passionfruit.

“Workplace TikTok” is an ever-growing genre, with everyday professionals sharing day-in-the-lives and career-specific tips. As the promise of high-paying brand deals and creator fund payouts grows, more and more are making TikTok their bonafide side hustle. The treasure trove expands for independent businesses, as TikTok rises to become a top search engine and one of the largest social media platforms for consumer spending. If you want to gain clients or customers, TikTok is your best bet. 

But, as these everyday workers share the intimate secrets of their professional lives online, there is an inevitable question of privacy. This dilemma reaches its peak in the case of the therapist, a position requiring a high threshold of confidentiality. Nothing is more unnerving than the idea of your therapist sharing your personal information online. 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we checked in with some couples therapists who run active TikTok accounts, asking for advice on how to manage private and public life—something creators of all genres and niches struggle with. 

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*First Published: Feb 14, 2023, 2:12 pm CST