About that mysterious ‘Lizzie McGuire’ reunion photo

So why didn't Hilary Duff post that 'Lizzie McGuire' reunion photo?

Jan 28, 2021, 12:19 am*

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Gabe Bergado

After years of prayer, Disney Channel disciples finally got the Lizzie McGuire reunion they have been waiting for—under some of the most mysterious circumstances since Miranda’s absence from The Lizzie McGuire Movie. 

On Monday, Jake Thomas (better known as Matt, Lizzie’s brother on the show) uploaded this awe-inducing pic:

Could Lalaine and Thomas’s social status as so yesterday have played a role in Duff snubbing her two old friends? 

Everything in the bowling alley snapshot implies that this was a joyous occasion and unlike an unwanted bump-in with old high school friends at your hometown Starbucks

Exhibit A: Lalaine’s hand is truly on Thomas’s shoulder. A hover hand would clue us into faker in our midsts.

Exhibit B: Smiling. But not those big-ass smiles you do in family reunion photos because you’re being shady. A genuine lil’ smirk from Lalaine, half-thousand watt veneer flash from Duff , and a “look, it’s us, we cute” formation of Thomas’s mouth. Nothing exaggerated that signals an underlying desire to GTFO. 

Exhibit C: Yes, there is a little bit of space between Duff and Thomas, but this is most likely the natural curvature of back as she leans into the embrace with Lalaine. 

Also, where is Duff’s Tinder date while all of this is going on? Is he just hanging by the sidelines and bowling solo, watching as his date juggles social obligations to her costars and her present-day squad? Was there even a Tinder date, or was Duff’s admittance to using the app a simple ploy to make her seem more relatable?

Thankfully, Oprah is here to help ask the hard questions.


Furthermore, Duff didn’t even retweet either of Lalaine or Thomas’s photos. Meanwhile, the photo she posted to Twitter looks like it was filtered and shared on Instagram first. And when you try to share an image on Instagram to Twitter, it usually only tweets out the link to the Instagram. That means Duff must have gone through the trouble of going to Twitter and uploading the image after already sharing on Instagram. Two whole different processes.

*strokes chin*

It’s unclear what exactly is the story behind these photos. We can only hypothesize. But in this time of uncertainty, we return to the Lizzie McGuire opening theme song.

“If you believe / that we’ve got a picture perfect plan /we’ve got you fooled / ’cause we only do the best we can,” the singer croons. “And sometimes we make it /sometimes we fake it.”

Photos via HilaryDuff/Twitter, sirjakethomas/Instagram

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*First Published: Apr 29, 2015, 7:58 pm