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TikTok goes wild with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s lip-bite selfies

Photos of Lin-Manuel Miranda biting his lip are causing distress.


Audra Schroeder

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There are a lot of photos of Lin-Manuel Miranda biting his lip online. If that unsettles you, proceed with caution, because a lot of young people have become obsessed with the Hamilton actor’s obsession with vaguely cringe, front-facing seduction.

You can find some of Miranda’s lip-biting selfies on Twitter, including one from November 2018 where he’s dressed in his Hamilton costume. The hit Broadway play recently came to Disney+, which might be why TikTok is obsessed.

Lin-Manuel Miranda selfies

Lin-Manuel Miranda selfies are an emerging, perplexing internet regularity. While some people appear to be falling for whatever it is he’s doing in these photos, others were a bit more skeptical.


there are SO MANY 😔😔 someone please stop this man 🤢

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Others got creative with this trove of LMM lip-biting selfies.

But for untold others, seeing these LBS (lip-biting selfies) everywhere is a waking nightmare.

line manuel miranda lip biting selfie

While there appear to be at least half a dozen LMM LBS out there, the number of newly uncovered photos appears to grow by the day. His merch store is also full of photos of his face, including a $79 framed photo of him holding a sno-cone.


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