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If only there were a mute button for your mom.

When this guy logged on to the hugely popular game League of Legends, he had no idea that he was signing up for a classic moment of teen boy embarrassment — only to have it all caught on video and posted online by his friend.

It began with the gamer and his friend playing League of Legends and chatting via webcam: so far, so good. But when he won a major battle in the game, a third voice piped up in the background: Mom.

On the bright side, she sounded very supportive of her son’s victory on the digital battlefield. Unfortunately, she then followed it up with the last thing any guy wants to be asked in front of his friends: “Does that mean you’re going to start cleaning your room and start taking showers?”

This YouTube video of the exchange has since racked up over 130,000 views. Nothing says universal humor like watching someone else be embarrassed by their mom.

Photo via Vincent Samaco / Flickr


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