Man builds a laser shotgun ‘because it wasn’t illegal for me to build’

Just because something is legal, does that mean you have to do it? That’s the question at the core of the YouTube video “My Homemade 40W LASER SHOTGUN!!!!!”

Spoiler alert: It’s every bit as epic as its trail of exclamation points suggests.

22-year-old Drake Anthony, who posts videos on YouTube as styropro, has built a pretty impressive laser shotgun here.

“There’s no, no good reason for anybody to own something this powerful,” Anthony explains in the video. “But because it wasn’t illegal for me to build, I decided to build it anyways.”

Look at that beam!

Screengrab via YouTube

As Anthony demonstrates, the gun can burst several balloons and light wood and paper on fire in the matter of seconds.

He even starts a small chemical fire in his garage, because he is the laser emperor and what he says is law:

Anthony has a history of crazy creations, including a “homemade death ray laser drone bot” and, of course, a homemade lightsaber:

All hail the laser lord.

Screengrab via Styropyro/YouTube

Myles Tanzer

Myles Tanzer

Myles Tanzer is a former contributor to the Daily Dot with an emphasis on technology and viral news. He is currently the Fader's news editor, having previously written and edited for Vogue, BuzzFeed, and Gawker.