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Khloe Kardashian’s new face looks suspiciously like Beyoncé

People are dragging the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal into it.


Stacey Ritzen

Internet Culture

Khloe Kardashian is known for being a veritable chameleon. The youngest of the three Kardashian sisters, Khloe was often the butt of jokes for being not quite as petite as her famous siblings—which resulted in her taking the term “revenge body” (also the name of her now-defunct makeover reality show) to a spectacular new level.

But in addition to her figure, Khloe’s face has also gone under some inexplicable changes over the years. Chalk it up to Photoshop, Instagram filters, cosmetic surgery, or what have you; but there’s no denying it. In May, Khloe went viral for appearing virtually unrecognizable in a series of Instagram photos. And now, another cursed image is making the rounds in which the reality maven seems to be channeling mid-aughts Beyoncé?

“Beyoncé in the Check On It video was a moment,” quipped one Twitter user, arranging the image of Khloe next to several screenshots of Beyoncé in the video.

The photo appears to come from a blog post on Ipsy, a beauty product subscription service. The company recently announced Khloe Kardashian as a new brand partner. “Khloé is the queen of expressing her unique beauty. Exhibit A: all the epic looks you can find on her Instagram,” the blog stated, alongside several pink-hued photos of the reality star.

But people on Twitter were not a fan of her latest “look”. “Khloe … what in the actual blackface is this,” wrote one user. “Somebody PLEASE tell me why Khloe Kardashian is doing Beyoncé cosplay,” added another.

Others roasted the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal(s). “Tristan must’ve liked a pic of Beyoncé,” quipped yet another user.

And of course there were tons of memes at poor Khloe’s expense.

At least a few people evoked Arya Stark’s “Faceless Men” arc from Game of Thrones.

Speaking of women who should ditch their famous families altogether and set sail for new adventures! A girl has no … uh, flat tummy tea?


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