Kevin the flag in Hurricane Florence

Screengrab via Reddit/SgtVeritas

The internet loves Kevin, an American flag ripped apart during Hurricane Florence

Stay strong, Kevin!


Nahila Bonfiglio

Internet Culture

An American flag enduring the tearing winds of Hurricane Florence has become an internet hero. It even has a nickname: Kevin.

The flag was watched by thousands online during a livestream on Thursday from the Frying Pan Tower, which is off the coast of North Carolina. A camera was pointed directly at the flag at the edge of the coast guard station, and it showed the flag being slowly ripped apart by the weather.

YouTube commenters started calling the flag “Kevin,” and the name stuck. One fan even created a Twitter account, @kevintheflag, for the flag. “Just your basic flappy boi tryin to make it in this world,” the bio reads.

The tweets are in the voice of Kevin, who seems optimistic about surviving the hurricane.

The Facebook page for the Frying Pan Tower says that the flag was replaced only a couple of weeks ago. Poor Kevin! But don’t worry; a flag sponsor is helping the Frying Pan Tower replace the flag.

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