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Bros troll their families with campy homoerotic video

Bros being bros.


April Siese

Internet Culture

Travis Henning and his best friend’s family seem to have expressed some concern about their relationship.

“Our families say we’re too close, but we say otherwise!” proclaims the summary of Henning’s “Just Friends” video, which not only shows the duo having a whole lot of fun together but getting the most out of their travels to Southeast Asia.

There’s a vague hint at their families being homophobic and the guys’ video playing on such fears in a campy, lighthearted manner to the tune of Rod Stewarts’ “Some Guys Have All the Luck.” 

But in case their families were worried about the duo’s safety in Southeast Asia, it’s worth noting that Western tourists, gay or not, tend to face less discrimination in such regions due to monetary status and a prejudice that favors them. And to Thailand’s credit, the country has grown in leaps in bounds when it comes to protecting the rights of its LGBT citizens, implementing legislation against hate crimes in 2015 and weighing the potential recognition of same-sex marriages. Thailand is incredibly liberal compared to its neighbors, who are just catching up when it comes to equality.

When Henning and his friend return to the United States, they’ll be coming home to a country accepting of their sexuality no matter where it stands. Hell, they can even laugh about it. Citizens in nearby countries like Malaysia, in which sodomy is still considered a crime, aren’t so lucky, however.

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