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Jonah Hill dropping his to-go coffee is a whole mood

Someone please teach Jonah Hill how to hold coffee!


Dominic-Madori Davis

Internet Culture

Jonah Hill has become the latest relatable meme on the internet.

The actor was photographed walking down the street, minding his own business while wearing AirPods and carrying a to-go coffee. The problem? The coffee had a loose lid, and the moment captured was seconds before his beverage hit the ground.

Poor Hill had no idea what was coming for him.

Jonah and his loose-lid coffee became a metaphor for the grasp most people are having on life right now.

“That photo of Jonah Hill dropping his coffee cup except the cup is me and Jonah is my life,” said user @chlostrophobic.

Others simply felt bad that Hill dropped his coffee.

“Can’t sleep. Thinkin about Jonah Hill’s coffee,” said @caitiedelaney.

“I’m building a time machine to stop Jonah Hill from dropping his coffee,” said @uncle_gerg.

“I can’t get over that picture of jonah hill dropping his coffee. a modern tragedy. a renaissance painting,” said @emmataylxr.

There’s even fan art of the photo.

“I drew Jonah Hill dropping his coffee and made it into a sticker cuz there’s not enough chaos in my own life,” tweeted @krarkat.

“Not sure what’s worse — Jonah Hill smokes cigarettes, wears AirPods, or lost an iced coffee. Our heroes are humans, folks,” said @moneyries.

But if we learn anything from this moment, let this be a lesson to never, ever hold coffee by the lid.


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