Jerry Rice just discovered the ‘Cash Me Ousside’ meme

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Jerry Rice didn’t let much go in his unprecedented 20 seasons in the NFL, but today he dropped something big.

A fire tweet.

It’s perfect in every way. It’s dad, it’s belatedly relevant, it’s an attempt at using a meme, it’s utterly sincere, and it’s damn funny.

Jerry Rice is all like “Cash Me Ousside, How Bout Dah?” and you’re all like “WHOA. WAIT. Jerry Rice wants to fight me? Why?” And for a split-second, you are terrified that you did something to piss off the greatest NFL receiver ever.

Then he’s like, “I’m just joshin’ you,” and you’re like “Whew. Jerry Rice was just playing around. He doesn’t want to fight me, he’s just joshin’. ”

And then he’s like, “But have you seen the video,” and you’re like, “Yea, that shit was funny.”

And now you’ve bonded with Jerry Rice.

How perfect is that?

H/T @FilmDrunk

David Covucci

David Covucci

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