Today in bizarre comparisons, Troy Aikman looks a lot like Jay Z

Jay Z Troy Aikman

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Sometimes things look like things and it’s not all that crazy. Like when a dog and another dog kind of look similar. That’s not a reason for online histrionics.

But sometimes things look like things and it is so crazy you need to rush to the Twitter to tell everyone. Like when you realize Troy Aikman and Jay Z look similar. 

They seriously do. 

Damn if that ain’t Jigga. 

Twitter was swift to get to work. 

Here’s a good face-mash for those of you still on the fence about this. 

That’s discomforting. But although this went viral during the Falcons-Packers game, it was first noticed a long time ago. 

Seven years ago. How this meme stayed dormant for this long, who knows. 

But thankfully, it’s now here to stay. 

H/T Hot New Hip Hop

David Covucci

David Covucci

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