chubby baby arm with bread

Screengrab via @zatopapa/Twitter

Doughy and delicious.

Baby photos are something you’re bound to see on any of the social media apps you use, and although it’s essentially an unspoken truth, everyone with a kid is competing to see whose is cutest. Now proud parents in Japan have put an interesting spin on this pastime (while simultaneously creating the next best meme) by comparing their baby’s arms to bread.

According to BuzzFeed, the trend began when someone noticed the similarity between their baby’s arms and a popular pull-apart snack bread sold at 7-Elevens in Japan. This spawned the hashtag 我が子の最強ちぎりパン画像, which translates to “My baby’s got the best bread photo.”

Clearly the company that makes the snack should use this free publicity to their advantage and take the competition even further. Maybe parents could send in their best photo, with the winner receiving a lifetime supply of bread and the baby becoming the official face (or arm) of the brand?

H/T First We Feast

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