New ‘Italian’ emoji is the perfect touch for all of your *chef’s kiss* texts

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Emojipedia tweeted about Unicode’s approval of several new emoji on Wednesday, with a pinched finger gesture drawing excited attention from prospective users online. The gesture is being claimed as the “Italian emoji,” regardless of whether you’re Italian or not.

According to this tweet from Emojipedia, the emoji is known officially as “pinched fingers, with skin tone support.”

While it is not yet available to consumers, the Italian emoji has already lended itself to jokes online. One user tweeted, “This emoji increases your Italian speaking abilities by 100%.”

Even people who aren’t Italian are preparing to see this emoji from their loved ones who are.

“I’m married to an Italian-American from NJ so I’m preparing myself for an overwhelming use of this emoji,” one user wrote.

Some users wrote that this was a long time coming, and now they can communicate that special *something* with their messages.

“I literally tweeted the other day that we need an Italian hand emoji,” a user wrote. “They know.”

Those with Italian mothers are already preparing to be yelled at via text in— you guessed it— Italian.

“Ah, now my Italian mother can yell at me about not doing the dishes and say I give her agita all with one emoji,” one user wrote.


Brooke Sjoberg

Brooke Sjoberg

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