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iPhone 12 memes lighten the mood after Apple fails to announce new phone

'When you've already removed your kidney to exchange it immediately for the iPhone 12...'


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Posted on Sep 15, 2020   Updated on Sep 15, 2020, 4:53 pm CDT

The internet reacted with memes on Tuesday after Apple failed to reveal a new iPhone during its annual event.

For the first time since Apple CEO Tim Cook began revealing the latest iPhone models in 2012, the company did not have a new phone to showcase due to issues stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

Apple fans responded with disappointment online, creating memes for the missing iPhone 12 announcement.

“Me after the iPhone 12 wasn’t announced during the #AppleEvent,” @cositadelanoche said.

Many users noted that the only reason they watched the entire Apple Event to begin with was to see a new iPhone.

“Me when I sat through the whole Apple Event and they didn’t even mention the iPhone 12,” @Aikaz_F added.

Some suggested that they had been trolled by Apple by not being told about the next iPhone model.

“Anyone else waiting for Tim to come back and say ‘Wait, there’s more. Introducing the new iPhone 12, 12 pro, and 12 Max,” @NtandoyenkosiS joked. “No? Just me?”

One person even claimed that they had sold their iPhone 11 in anticipation of being able to purchase the iPhone 12 on Tuesday.

“Me after selling my iPhone 11 yesterday ready for the 12,” @Enigmahimovic said above a photo of the Joker.

But not everyone’s reaction was negative. Users who are still holding onto their older iPhones for dear life appeared to celebrate.

“iPhone 6 users after hearing iPhone 12 will not come out this year,” @chimdi_ said.

Another user joked about the Apple controversy in which older phones were purposely slowed down when newer models dropped, noting that their ancient phone would keep on ticking.

“Me realizing my phone won’t slow down if Apple doesn’t announce the iPhone 12,” @tayloberlin said.

In reality, Apple had already warned that the pandemic could delay development of the iPhone 12 during its last earnings call in July.

But for those celebrating the news, it turns out there is more to the story.

Numerous media reports later stated that the iPhone 12 would be unveiled at a separate event set to be held next month.

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*First Published: Sep 15, 2020, 4:52 pm CDT