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What is the ‘invited you to add: hi’ trend on TikTok?

A lot of TikTok users have been getting the same invite over and over. But there’s a way to stop the madness.


Audra Schroeder

Internet Culture

Over the last few weeks, more TikTokers have been getting the same message over and over: “invited you to add: hi.”

It’s become part of a confusing trend on TikTok, and a lot of people have been searching “invited you to say hi” as well. So what does “invited you to add: hi” mean, and why is everyone seeing it?

A new TikTok feature

This seems to be a new feature, where users can invite someone to their video, circumventing the FYP. As detailed by TikToker Noah Glenn Carter, there’s an “invite sticker” that allows you to invite friends to specific TikToks.

It exists under the “Add Yours” button on your profile, which asks you to “Create a new prompt and invite friends to join.”

@noahglenncarter This is why you keep getting invited to videos #foryou #invite #newfeature #tiktok ♬ Ambient-style emotional piano – MoppySound

However, no one seems to like this feature, and some TikTokers claim they get more than 100 notifications a day.

“I consider this spam,” said Alisha Conn, who detailed how to turn this feature off by going into creator tools, then “Add Yours,” and clicking “No one.”

@alisha_conn How to stop invited you to add Hi notifications #stopinvitingme #howtostopinvitedyoutoadd #annoyingnotifications #stop #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Alisha Conn

This “invited you to add” message can be customized as well. Instead of “invited you to add: hi,” some users have been getting more sinister messages, like “PLEASE HELP!!!

‘Invited you to say hi’ memes

In addition to “invited you to add: hi,” the term “invited you to say hi” is trending. The sheer volume of these notifications has led to some memes.

“Me getting hundreds of notifications thinking my video popped off,” said @lukemcwellington, which was a common response.

@lukemcwellington Thanks for the invite dawg #g #invited #you #to #add #hi #fyp #tutorial ♬ Fluxxwave by Clovis Reyes – lunaar
@vraqh BRO EVERYONE KEEPS GETTING INVITED FOR NO REASON @allahnoname #fyp #invitedyoutoadd #jamoin ♬ Silent – Silent


♬ original sound – Dmarion👨🏿‍🦱

What kinds of TikToks are people being invited to? Some of those POVs were posted too. But most people just wanted the invites to stop.

@izalien.geekin Lijec #viral #funny #hi #bots #viral #fun #love #cyfc #xyzbca ♬ WuaaAHHH wuaaAHHH – Rynia Kando
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