Today is about one thing, and one thing only: Bacon




Kevin Bacon is all of these things. He’s amazing. He goes with everything. And if you’re lucky lady Kyra Sedgwick, you get to have it every damn day. 

Did I mention it’s 1,404 weeks since we tied the knot @kyrasedgwick kikkosedg #LikeFineWine

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That’s why it’s important to recognize the 57-year-old actor today, on International Bacon Day. Because no one can live without their Bacon!

Check out this young Bacon. Doesn’t he look amazing? Can you even?

#TBT LETTING MY FREAK FLAG FLY AT @MichaelBacon36 wedding

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Don’t you wish you were the trophy. It’s dripping with Bacon. Gimme that!

Hey #SIFF thanks for this. #CopCar @CopCarMovie

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This Bacon is not for the faint of heart. This Bacon is beckoning you. This Bacon wants you to want him. And oh, how you want him.

Not sure about puns, but I like 10% of @peglegporker lunch sales going to @roomintheinn. #SixDegrees @baconbros

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Bacon might enjoy his ice cream, but what do you enjoy? BACON. In the morning, in the evening, at suppertime, all you ever want is sexy, smoky Bacon. The smell alone could make you crazy.

Good morning! #icecreamforbreakfast #kidsgetcancertoo #sixdegrees @SixDegreesofKB

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When I die, may I be buried with Bacon.

This was from #SNL sketch that I did with @chrisrock but I can’t find the video #vanillaice

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My personal favorite holiday. Miss it already. #turkeysandwhich

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Put on your dancing shoes and celebrate literally the greatest thing ever created in the history of the universe.

Photo via cyclonebill/Wikimedia

Marisa Kabas

Marisa Kabas

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