iguana escaping snakes

Screengrab via BBCNewService/YouTube


If you happened to catch the BBC program Planet Earth 2 on Sunday night, you might have seen the dramatic escape attempt made by an iguana as it tried to dodge dozens of hungry snakes who popped up from nowhere (and everywhere!) at the same time. It’s an enormously thrilling and terrifying 75 seconds of television.

Perhaps the only thing that would make this scene more dramatic would be by the inclusion of, I don’t know, the Game of Thrones soundtrack or something. But that would be a pretty quick turnarou … oh, somebody did that already?

Makes sense.

Hard to believe the iguana actually escaped, especially when he became the nucleus of that attack snake ball. But if you think about it, the GoT soundtrack is perfect. Because of his ability to overcome all obstacles and miraculously survive to fight another day, the iguana is Jon Snow.

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