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Make your design projects easier with access to over 1.5 million icons

Think of all the extra time you’ll have for TikTok.


Lauren Forgione

Internet Culture

Icons are a major part of web design. They can convey the personality of a brand and create a cohesive look across content properties. Whether you’re designing for your day job, your side hustle, or your personal creative outlet, you’re all too familiar with how easy it is to waste time hunting down the right icons for the project you’re working on. And that’s exactly why you’ll love having an Iconscout subscription

The Unlimited Icons Plan brings you a huge repository of high-quality icons—we’re talking 1.5 million and counting—from more than 300 top designers. With thousands more in multiple sizes, 10 styles, and eight file formats added every day, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to pinpoint the right assets for whatever you’re designing.

All you need is a standard browser and you’ll have access to unlimited downloads of icons in 40+ categories, the Unicons icon font library, the full desktop app, and third-party plugin tools like Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Microsoft Office, GSuite, and more. At 93% off, a two year subscription to the Unlimited Icons Plan is available for $49.99, but if you’re looking for even more artistic value, you can upgrade to get all of the above plus additional images. 

In the two year Iconscout Unlimited Icons + 10 Images/Month Plan, in addition to the millions of royalty-free icons, you’ll score access to 500,000+ HD stock photos and 10,000+ vector illustrations to help take your designs to the next level. This option also includes a trending illustrations library and dedicated Indian Stock photos library. Available for $69.99, you’ll save 92% if you go for the extra images subscription. 

No matter which membership level you choose, possibly the best thing about it all is how much time you’ll save on your projects—time that can be better spent avoiding Instagram loop giveaways or DIY-ing cereal (of the pancakecroissantwaffle, or donut variety).

Score two years of Iconscout’s Unlimited Icons Plan on sale for $49.99 or go for the extra images for just $20 more.

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