how to ruin thanksgiving 4 words

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How to ruin Thanksgiving in only 4 words, according to Twitter

‘We’re out of wine.’


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This week the Twitter account for VidCon, a yearly video conference, sent out a request for people to “Ruin Thanksgiving in four words.” With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the people of Twitter quickly jumped on board. Some used the opportunity to air out some of their genuine concerns for the holidays, and the rest poked fun at everything from politics to family drama.

Isn’t drama what Thanksgiving is all about anyway?

Within hours of VidCon’s request, Twitter was flooded with responses. It turns out there are hundreds of ways to ruin Thanksgiving, from serving only healthy food options to the classic day-ruiner: talking Trump.

Many people made jokes about drinking, or not drinking, over dinner. For the families out there who don’t drink alcohol during the holidays, it must be a rough week, Twitter said with four-word zingers like “We’re out of Wine.”

Students poked fun at the constant questions about school, too. They come from a good place, sure, but come on. Isn’t half the point of the holidays to escape from the stress of regular life? “A Master’s? What for?” was the best joke.

A few people just posted the most awkward thing they could think of, from talking about relationships to the recent E. coli outbreak. Not to mention bad-mouthing the turkey. You never insult the cooking, people. Never.

More than anything, people balked at the idea of eating a vegan or otherwise non-meat, cheese, and gravy-filled Thanksgiving dinner.

The horror.

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