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The people demand a hot dog emoji

Then again, aren’t there others we should prioritize first?


Brendan O'Connor

Internet Culture

The people have spoken, and their message is clear: Give us a hot dog emoji.

“People are demanding a hot dog emoji,” Laura Ustick, third-generation general manager of Superdawg Drive-In, which has been serving up hot dogs since 1948, told the Wall Street Journal. “It’s a slight against the hot-dog community.”

The people are demanding it. It is a slight. Against the hot dog community.

While there are plenty of other food-based emojis out there—hamburgers, donuts, pizza, sushi, that NSFW-looking eggplant—the Hot Dog Emoji Coalition wants Unicode to tackle a wiener next.

“A hot dog emoji would stand for so much more than one word,” said Paul May, a 45-year-old video editor. “It basically would denote something that is inherently good.”

This is questionable. It would denote a penis.

Then again, maybe work on making some emoji of color first.

H/T Wall Street Journal | Illustration by Jason Reed

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