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The ultimate holiday geek gift guide for 2015

From ‘Doctor Who’ to ‘Mad Max’ to ‘Harry Potter’, not a single subcategory of geek goes unrepresented.


Amrita Khalid

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Face it. Whether you’re a geek or a non-geek (sorry!), this holiday season you will find yourself shopping for gifts for geeks.

Luckily for you, we’ve handpicked holiday gifts this year for a wide variety of geeks and fandoms. So no matter how assorted your motley crew of geeks is, you’ll have your bases covered this season. 

1) 3D-printed Mad Max: Fury Road shifter knob

Many of us had not seen anything quite like this summer’s blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Roadwhich is why it’s no surprise that the George Miller–directed comic book sequel starring Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy has inspired a new breed of fandom. 

Use this 3D-printed shifter knob for your very own war rig. 

Available onEtsy, $8.99

2) “Furry Road” art print

Feline lovers who are fans of the movie will surely get a kick out of the pun. 

Available on: Etsy, $26

3) “Road Warrior” adjustable paracord survival bracelet

It’s very similar to the one Mad Max wore in the film. 

Available on: Etsy, $7.72

4) Millennium Falcon bed

For the young Star Wars fan (or petite adult) in your life that you really want to spoil. 

Available at: Pottery Barn Kids, $3,999

5) R2D2 and C-3PO salt and pepper shaker set

One of the more subtle Star Wars–inspired kitchen gadgets

Available on: ThinkGeek, $19.99

6) Jedi Master bedroom decal

For Jedi Masters of all ages and customizable. 

Available on: Etsy, $14

7) R2-D2 trash can

You’ll never have trouble getting family members to take out the trash with this R2-D2 trash can. 

Available on: ThinkGeek, $129.99

8) V Rocker SE video gaming chair

This video gaming chair includes a headphone jack with two forward-facing speakers. 

Available on: Amazon, $85.84

9) Original PlayStation messenger bag

It’s an all-purpose carry-all for both your gaming and non-gaming needs. 

Available on: InsertCoin Clothing, $63 

10) Minecraft sneakers for kids

You’ll wish there were an adult-size version of these lace-ups inspired by Minecraft

Available on: Etsy, $39.99

11) Legends of Zelda cartridge soap

It looks alarmingly like the real thing. 

Available on: Etsy, $9.25

12) Nintendo controller pool float

Who says gamers never get outside? 

Available on: Amazon, $19.49

13) Game of Thrones dragon’s egg cookie jar

Games of Thrones fans will appreciate this handy canister in the shape of a dragon’s egg. It can store cookies, candy, and/or baby dragons. 

Available on: ThinkGeek, $29.99

14) Risk: Game of Thrones board game

A Game of Thrones version of the popular board game Risk may be just what you need to get the party started. 

Available on: Amazon, $62.27

15) Mason jar shot glasses

DIY or Pinterest geeks might repurpose these mason jar shot glasses to make miniature overnight oats, but don’t let them! 

Available on: Sur La Table, $9.95

16) Steampunk keyboard

It’s modern technology that feels like it was made over 100 years ago.

Instructions on: InfiniGeek

17) 3Doodler 2.0, the 3D printing pen

Perfect for any skilled DIYer looking to take it to the next level. 

Available at: Michaels, $99.99

18) Hermione’s Time Turner necklace

Available on: ThinkGeek, $49.99

19) Harry Potter Candy gift box

They might enjoy a selection of all these Harry Potter candy faves, from chocolate frogs to jelly slugs. 

Available on: Candy Crate, $25.99

20) The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook by Dinah Buchotz

This detailed Harry Potter–themed cookbook contains recipes for everything from cauldron cakes to pumpkin pasties. 

Available on: Amazon, $11.72

21) TARDIS string lights

Perfect year-round for Doctor Who fans. 

Available on: Amazon, $26.99

22) Doctor Who wall clock 

Available on: Society6, $30

Photo via Sophie Cowdrey/Twitter | Photo via Archie/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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