What’s black and white and impossible to find? A panda hiding among some snowmen

It’s officially the year of optical illusions. By now you have lost friends debating whether the dress was blue, black , white, or gold. But before we bid a fond farewell to 2015, we have one last picture for you to agonize over. 

Hungarian artist Dudolf has really stumped us this time. He posted this image of a group of snowmen on Facebook last week claiming “There’s a panda amongst them!” and questioned our sanity by asking if we could find it. 

[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/thedudolf/photos/a.479677258800858.1073741834.380909998677585/718818741553374/?type=3 embed.]

Upon first look, it seemed impossible, and the comments section led me to believe I was not alone.


Some people even claimed it was all a lie. 

It took me awhile, but eventually, I found the little bugger. Seriously though, the dress is gold, right?

Photo via Chi King/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Allison Keves

Allison Keves

Aly Keves is a former Realtime Social Editor at the Daily Dot. While most of her time was spent on Twitter, she made time to write about 'The Bachelor,' adorable videos, and 'The Golden Girls.' She lives in New York City and became Bloomberg's Audience Engagement Editor in 2016.