The Internet’s best Halloween 2014 jack-o-lanterns

We’re in the golden age of jack-o-lanterns. It’s easy to discern the why—online photo sharing has made pumpkin carving into an arms race for upvotes. Designs are more intricate than they’ve ever been because with a quick pic, the work won’t rot in early November but rather shine internationally and forever. The jack-o-lantern is an opportunity for political expression. For aspiring artists, it’s a crowd-pleasing moment to shine—the equivalent of when failed studio musicians post quirky Taylor Swift covers.

As we spelunk into a slimy, ill-advised cave of a weekend, let’s first take a moment to appreciate the jack-o-lantern class of 2014.

First, here’s a moose eating some dude’s pumpkin

Photo via marty_mcsharty/Reddit

Frowny cat jack-o-lantern

Photo via Dallas Morning News

Gamergate jack-o-lantern

Krang jack-o-lantern

Photo via youbentmywookie

3D printer jack-o-lantern

A photo posted by Fabsterdam (@fabsterdam) on

Photo via fabsterdam/Instagram

The Roger Williams Park Zoo Jack-O-Lantern Spectular dinosaur jack-o-lantern(s)

Photo via Roger Williams Park Zoo/

Robin Williams jack-o-lantern

Photo via Roger Williams Park Zoo/USA Today

First place in the NFC East, your 6-2 Dallas Cowboys jack-o-lantern 

Photo via That Pumpkin Dude/

Traditional Irish turnip jack-o-lantern

Corporate shill jack-o-lantern

Squishy #JackOLantern

Photo via Patrick Buechner/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Ramon Ramirez

Ramon Ramirez

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