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Lauren Forgione

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Published Apr 24, 2020   Updated May 8, 2020, 12:40 pm CDT

Impress the boss, impress your nerdy friends, or impress yourself: having advanced skills in Excel, that ubiquitous spreadsheet software, can take you far in life. And really, what else are you doing right now (not getting high on nutmeg, hopefully)? So finish reading that latest meme roundup and consider doing something actually productive, like taking this online Excel training.

As the world’s enterprises rely more on big data to spark new growth and better serve existing clients, advanced Excel skills are more in demand than ever—it’s not just for accountants and auditors any more. As recently as 2016, the most desired software skill was Excel, and as the app’s abilities and features continue to expand, there’s an almost infinite amount of possible applications. Why not make yourself invaluable by mastering as many of those as you can while you’re stuck at home with time on your hands?

The 10-course Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle features top instructors Alan Jarvis and Excel Maven’s Chris Dutton, as well as the global training company Webucator, teaching you how to decode the true power of the software across 43 hours of content, ranging from basic to advanced. 

Over 760 lessons, you’ll learn how to fully manipulate functions, formulas, tools, and more. Areas of focus include:

  • A 3-level progression through basic, intermediate, advanced, and specialized Excel essentials including macros and Visual Basic for Applications programming
  • How to save time and own your to-do list with Excel’s most powerful productivity tools
  • How to improve your presentations with powerful visualization tools that go beyond the pie chart
  • Using hands-on demos to master over 75 advanced formulas and functions
  • An introduction to Power Query, Power Pivot, and DAX data modeling
  • How to really understand your data with advanced PivotTable techniques
  • How to advance your skillset with charts and formatting you never would’ve thought of
  • Advanced training in the most powerful tools for better collaboration, including password protection and tracking changes, auditing worksheets, validating data, and more

Becoming an Excel power user will prove more fruitful than becoming a yeast power baker. Snap up the Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle for $49.99 while it’s on sale.

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*First Published: Apr 24, 2020, 3:00 pm CDT