Photo via Tyler Phillips/Twitter Remix by April Siese

Is that a French horn in your pocket?

Twitter’s been wildin’ out lately, especially when it comes to new challenges. There’s been a nudes-filled #WhipItOutChallenge and even a revenge-fueled #CreditCardNumberChallenge. And they’re exactly what you think they are: whipping out genitals and MasterCard info like there’s no tomorrow.

The #WhipItOutChallenge never quite caught on, but shockingly the #CreditCardNumberChallenge did. That is, until Twitter perks up and realizes federal crimes are being committed on its social media site.

Needless to say, it’s gotten trolled a tad.

But nothing compares to the work of art being done to the #GreySweatpantsChallenge.

The actual challenge is seductively showing what you’re packing in the least sexy garment of all: oversized grey sweatpants. Luckily Twitter is doing what social media intended and turning thirsty followers into the human embodiment of the joy emoji.

As Avenue Q says, the internet is for porn. It’s not like there was a real dearth of smut out there. But there was a legitimate need for random objects stuffed into shapeless gym clothes. And these heroes have taken it upon themselves to change that. Bless.

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