What does the Starbucks cup say: Greg or Corey?

Handwriting only a Starbucks barista could love.

Move over, dresses of questionable shades. We have another puzzle for the Internet to solve. This time, it’s “What name is written out on the Starbucks cup below?”

It seems obvious that the man who tweeted the photo, Greg Dorris, told whomever took his order that his name was Greg. So, that’s probably the correct answer.

But to me, it looks like Corey. I asked my wife about it without giving her the multiple choice option, and she said Greg. Then, I asked about the other name, and she admitted that Corey was a possibility.

Then, jarringly, she said, “Or it could be Grey.”

Dorris—whose Twitter bio says he’s a comedy writer who’s worked for Jimmy Kimmel and Vice — actually tweeted the question last week, but the question began to gain traction Monday.

Last year, we discussed why Starbucks baristas tend to spell your name incorrectly. But we don’t know why anybody would write the capital “G” in Greg like that.

Unfortunately, within a couple days of Greg posting his query, he got one-upped by a woman named Erika.

Photo via Greg Dorris/Twitter

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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