Koko the gorilla and her 2 kittens make the most adorable family ever

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Forget birthday bananas, get this gorilla some furry lil’ kittens for the celebration.

You may be familiar with Koko the gorilla, the lady ape famous for learning American Sign Language and being able to communicate with her trainer and other humans. For Koko’s 44th birthday this past July 4, she got the best present ever: a litter of adorable kitty youngsters. But there was trouble in paradise, with Koko falling in love with one cat over another cat who fell in love with her. 

All was figured out though, and now they’re one big happy, hairy family. You can even see the cats help out with brushing Koko at the 1:25 mark.  

H/T Tech Insider | Screengrab via kokoflix/YouTube

Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado

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