Gorilla dancing in a kiddie pool is the greatest thing you’ll see today

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Gorillas are some of nature’s strongest creatures, and seeing the brute force contained within their musculature is downright scary. Remember when that one smashed some zoo glass? That gorilla—and every and all gorillas—could mess you up.

That’s why this video of a gorilla dancing in a kiddie pool is so jarring. It’s like watching Mussolini play tea party with his daughter. It’s just out of character.

Now, you can watch that video below, or you can skip down to the next video, which is the same clip only set to the classic ’80s hit “Maniac” by Michael Sembello.

She is a maniac, that’s for sure. Except that it’s a he! That’s Zola, from the Dallas Zoo, and this is his second brush with viral fame. In 2011, Zola was filmed breakdancing at the Calgary Zoo.

Zola. A gorilla who embodies a Dane Cook bit come to life. He just wants to dance.

David Covucci

David Covucci

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